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Sundbyberg – competition

We participated in a competition organized by the City of Sundbyberg. Rosengatan / Tulegatan will be developed with a new residential building.

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Petra Gipp is awarded with Stora Formpris – architect of the year 2016

The prize Stora Formpris 2016 – architect of the year, is awarded by Residence magazine.

“Guided by the belief that buildings are so much more than the sum of all the practical conditions, Petra Gipp have, with a strong sense for form and material, created projects that are just as much architecture as art”

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Bruksgården – Lindéngruppen, Höganäs, in Arkitektur

An extensive article about our project Bruksgården in Höganäs, in the latest issue of the magazine Arkitektur.

To insert new buildings in old environments is a matter of relating to the existing. Should one respect, contrast or harmonize? The new extension in dark grey Danish bricks, cast-in-place concrete and glass succeeds in all three at the same time.

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New project

We’re building a new home outside Sala, on a ridge gazing out over a forest and a lake.

Petra Gipp highlighted as one of 26 women who have changed architecture

Architizer have highlighted 26 women from the present and past who have changed how we think about the built environment.

Sweden is a cold place, a fact that is reflected in the nation’s literature as well as its architecture. Petra Gipp’s work, with its clean lines and preference for raw surfaces, is certainly part of this tradition. Her work shows us how, when done right, coldness can be comforting. ”

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Skånes Arkitekturpris 2016

Bruksgården – Lindéngruppen Höganäs, is nominated for Skånes Arkitekturpris 2016.

Foto: Jens Markus Lindhe

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Örnberget – spine/precipice in Plaza Deco

“The well-designed floor plans and the spine of concrete creates in Petra Gipp’s sculptural Villa Örnberget a place where every element matters.”

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Stupet at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest

Stupet – refugium by a staircase, is included in a new exhibition, H2O, at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest (MNAC). The exhibition explores sustainability, identity and aesthetics in contemporary Swedish architecture.

Arranged by the Swedish Embassy in Romania and Zeppelin Association, part of Creative Sweden#3.

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Södra Värtan

Our proposal for a new residential building in the expanding port area ‘Södra Värtan’. The building, a robust volume in burnt brick meets the current port operations and creates rooms for everyday life.

The jury for the Kasper Salin Award 2016

The jury of the prestigious Kasper Salin Award, awarded by the Swedish Association of Architects, have announced this year’s nominations. The Kasper Salin Award was established in 1962 and is Sweden’s most renowned architectural award, Petra Gipp is part of the jury for a second year.

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The jury 2016:
Bolle Tham, arkitekt SAR/MSA
Ewa Westermark, medlem SAR/MSA
Petra Gipp, arkitekt SAR/ MSA
Henrik Rundquist, arkitekt SAR/MSA
Sekreterare: Tove Dumon Wallsten