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Aspudden – housing for Nordskate

In Aspudden, a vibrant Stockholm suburb, a new residential building is placed in sloping greenery. Two fused volumes adapts to the existing landscape, elevated in the steep terrain. The gable motif faces the street as a gesture to surrounding buildings and a direct consequence of the asymmetrical design of the plot.

A simple expression is sought; the exterior corridor becomes a social addition where life is visible. Sensible openness, with common areas in union with nature, characterizes the building that opens to both the surroundings and residents. Prefabricated concrete elements make up the building; the materiality of the concrete joins landscape, volume and accessibility. The house appears humble and discreetly, refined in the details in the meeting between concrete and wood, windows and doors are made in pine treated with linseed oil.

Team: Petra Gipp, Emil Bäckström, Olga Tengvall, Frida Körberg Turhagen, Theis Grønkjær

2016 – 2019

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