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Djurgården, Stockholm
A new Gestalt on the island of Beckholmen in Stockholm, needs to be able to withstand glances from all sides. It will be part of the foreground to the Old Town’s medieval buildings, the monumental buildings of Skeppsholmen, the hills of Djurgården, the cliff of Södermalm and the inlet from Stockholm’s large archipelago.

By studying the built environment on Beckholmen and its surroundings, we have found a building type that is very traditional in its nature, small in scale and with a free placement in groups of small numbers of buildings. Based on this building type we created three variations, where different building heights are related to the various traverse heights dictated by the program. By working with several smaller bodies, we have created a composition of pavilions rather than the three elongated buildings which the program sets up. This allows for good proportions throughout the entire volume and it frees the building from its otherwise unfortunate static direction.

The wharf building’s character belongs to the traditional shipbuilding industry, with large corten steel plates covering walls and ceilings. In the facade, the different plates serve as gates, or can be replaced with a thranslucent mesh to let daylight through.

Project team
Petra Gipp, Malin Heyman, Maria Videgård, Jasmien Wouters



beckholmen A-01.1-100 sitplan A3 _ Layout

beckholmen sitmodell plan.jpg


beckholmen A-40.7 fasader 1_400 _ Layout