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Nominated for ROT PRISET 2012

In the landmarked industrial building dating from the turn of the last century, there are imprints of different eras. It can be compared to an archive – layers of time. The building has served as an ammunition factory, paint factory and presently a kunsthalle for contemporary art and architecture.

The kunsthalle lies in an area with dense, obsolete industrial buildings, more or less derelict. The art space is dense, introvert but with light from the sky cutting down through the darkness. Here, art can be integrated with the light, act more independently or turn inwards. Contrasting the heavy pillar hall, the top floor is flooded with light. Here the light is sharp from above and openings perforate the walls. If the pillar hall turns inwards, the floor above opens towards the vista – extending out over the water and the city.

To the archive, another layer is added, that of our own time, in the shape of three structures – the cube, the wall and the hearth. These volumes stand in dialogue with the older building and the contemporary art. They express themselves through the surrounding industrial landscape, which has been worn by time.

Project team
arkitetkt: Petra Gipp, Maria Videgård, Malin Heyman, in collaboration with 1:2:3 and Kristoffer Sundin


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