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Nytorget – Cohabitive housing in solid wood for Folkhem

Södermalm, Stockholm
The proposal’s two solid wood volumes are given a contemporary expression and identity that creates a clear imprint on the site. The buildings are intended as cohabitive housing, with spaces designed for common dinners, for working and socializing, as well as for public activities.

Smaller duplex apartments open in two directions so as not to define a front and a back of the building and a transparent entry level allows for connection between the two sides, which is important for the site. The buildings come together as one Gestalt, where the volumes with their open and closed sections create a clear dialogue with the surrounding buildings and a refinement of the volumes is achieved through the detailing of the materials. There is a desire to work with a material that through its ageing enhances the experience over time.

Along the operable window sections of each apartment, along the balconies and on the large roof terraces the residents can grow vegetables, herbs and flowers. On the roof there is also another common room where residents can gather for various activities. Here, the roofscape becomes part of the continuous park space, lifted towards the light and the view.

Project team
Petra Gipp, Susanna Bremberg, Malin Heyman, Jonas Hesse, Emil Bäckström, Maria Cagnoli, Marco Nathansohn



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