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An elongated volume with a pitched roof houses laboratories in an organizational system with the module width of 3600 mm. This also constitutes the width of the load-bearing facade elements in which one window per floor and element is placed. At the center of the volume on all floors, a wide corridor provides interior, horizontal communication. One of the corridor walls is load-bearing and also provides space for channeling media, which from there can easily be led out into the laboratory room. As the load-bearing walls of the laboratory section of the building consist of the exterior walls and one central wall along the corridor, the rest of the interior walls can be moved and placed anywhere in the modular system.

The elongated volume with its stainless steel façade is contrasted by two concrete volumes, which rise above the laboratories and define space and flow on the site around the laboratories. The concrete volumes provide vertical communication, entrances and loading, and house the users’ shared functions. In connection to the vertical communication cores are passages that link the new laboratories to existing buildings. Through its verticality and formal stringency, the concrete volumes announce entrances and the new flows linking the existing with the new.

Project team
Arkitekt: Petra Gipp, James Hamilton, Malin Heyman, Emil Bäckström, Jonas Hesse, Diego Cittadini, Giulia Donati




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