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The eastern part of Skåne holds a mystical and unspoilt nature that affects many people deeply. To design a number of art spaces here, for us begins with a wall that leads the body through the landscape and the viewer’s gaze, memory, onwards towards the open sea. A sequence of rooms well integrated in nature, both above and below ground, creating passages and flows that can lift the art and its expressions. The human body can relate to the great landscape, but also the more intimate and introvert interior.

The idea is to let the artwork interact with the site so that both the work and the landscape are given larger dimensions. Nature is portrayed with a number of spatial elements that allow the contemporary art to expand out into the landscape. With the art the collective memory is given a foundation in the place and the human body creates marks and overlays in the collective remembrance.

The rooms are built in robust materials, concrete, wood and cast glass. The materials will hopefully be one with nature when even this with great confidence is expected to take the art in possession.

Project team
Petra Gipp, Veronica Carlsson



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