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Södra Värtan – housing for Erik Wallin

Hjorthagen, Stockholm
The south part of Värtan faces an expansion where the site with its layers of time enables an unique environment. A place where contemporary expressions can interact with historical layers, where the robustness of the materials and volume can meet the current port operations. Here, social interactions can be eased by a care in the inner and outer rooms.

Our proposed buildings faces three different urban spaces; Vistelsegatan, Kajen and the park. With the help of differentiation in the ground floors, the building creates an interaction between function, space and urban life. Towards the dock and park public functions are created with restaurants and shops with large window openings. Towards Vistelsegatan are duplexes with compact courts while the preschool in two planes faces the court where its entrance is located.
We suggest light materials, bright elongated burnt bricks that mark and define the volume. The outer layer with balconies is made of light concrete where the horizontal and vertical parts are joined with measured details. In contrast to these materials stands wooden windows, doors and sliding doors. The materials continue into the apartments and define the inner rooms. An important aspect is to let the materials intertwine, enabling clear interior and exterior spatial units, materials and their detail define the rooms and let them be joined to a clear sculptural volume with a contemporary expression.

Project team
Petra Gipp, Emil Bäckström, Theis Grønkjær, Emma Carlén, Louise Husman.







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