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Tingshuset in Uppsala – housing

On the corner of Kvarngärdet in Uppsala, the former courthouse forms a solitary building that pulls back from the street life as well as from the adjacent buildings along Storgatan and Österplan. The building itself consists of a complex structure that shifts and overlaps, in everything from detail to the buildings entire composition of volumes. The courthouse’s brick façades are carefully shaped by the use of different units and small shifts in depth. Niche’s are created and allows windows to withdraw, connect and push out. The windows are consistently in wood and on the facade of the foyer and the gable to the old office the wood become a more dominant part, where surfaces in teak surround several windows.

Architecturally our proposal means a number of small changes in the existing façade, carefully enlarged openings and reformulations of movement at the site, including entrances to the existing building. The former archive beneath the courtroom becomes a commercial space that, like the apartments, is accessed both from the street and from the yard. Behind this space we propose a kitchen and café, serving both planes and forms a unit in the courtroom and foyer. The courtroom will form a combined space for gathering with a kitchen that all residents of the property have access to. We propose a new volume in conversation with both the courthouse and adjoining buildings that with its location, volume and treatment of materials and detail ties together existing structures and spatial features on the site.

Project team. Petra Gipp, Malin Heyman, Theis Grønkjær, Emil Bäckström, Louise Husman


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