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participation in the book 25 KVADRAT

The possibility of creating a solitary addition to one’s house, a volume that in its turn creates interior and exterior spaces in reciprocity to the surrounding, has new implications through the new admissible size of 25 square meters. Architecture is about reciprocity and the interaction between part and whole, between the site and the built, between hot and cold, between light and dark and between materials with different properties. We have chosen to do a project that explores the interplay between two materials. This fundamental study gives rise to a variety of for us inspiring questions about what a new space in a new volume might add to an existing home.

Our study is based on the material meeting between plaster and wool. The structure and surface of the wool makes it resistant to pressure from plaster in its liquid form. When plaster is poured into a mold filled with wool, the wool keeps its shape inside the plaster; the wool molds space inside the solidifying plaster. The meeting between the plaster and the wool is a meeting between the light and heavy, the hot and cold, soft and hard, the transparent and the opaque. In this meeting elements and phenomena occur, which can be translated into architecture. We have endeavored to bring forth and utilize these elements and phenomena, in the hope that they will bring ideas to life for any potential user.

Project team
Petra Gipp, Malin Heyman, Maria Cagnoli



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