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nominated for BEST NORDIC BUILDING 2011

Solna, Stockholm
The service building at Ulriksdal Cemetery inserts itself in the rich, magnificent nature of the site. Two volumes at an angle open up to the northwest and are supplemented with an ancillary building. The long concrete facade with its relief effect stretches out to form a backdrop for the cemetery and separates its tranquility from the activity of the service building courtyard.

The service building consists of two volumes in two different materials, concrete and wood, holding each other. In the meeting between the volumes, the circulation occurs in the form of a cast in place concrete staircase that constitutes the nave between workshops, administration and staff. For the people working at the cemetery we want the building to have dignity and provide beautiful spaces as well as carefully balanced light and outlooks from the different functions.

The building forms an entryway into the park and cemetery. A building that states its practical function and draws on the industrial but also expresses something of pride and ease, which resonates with the free design of the cemetery.

Project team
Petra Gipp, Maria Videgård, Katarina Lundeberg, Malin Heyman, Kalle Hjalmarsson
Photography: Åke E:son Lindman


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Ulriksdals Begravningsplats Petra Gipp 05-2011

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