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There is a desire to form two brick volumes with a contemporary expression and its own identity, which creates a clear imprint on the site. Two materials, brick and wood, grab hold of each other and define volumes in relation to the urban space and the green courtyard room. Wood connects the inside with the outside – in wooden balconies and windows, with interior detail in wood. The inside concrete corresponds to the fluid and powerful brick joints.

The two sculpted housing volumes have indented niches that elucidate residential entrances, while the protruding parts with their public functions are pressed out into the space of the city. The buildings are seen as a collective whole, where red and yellow brick creates a clear dialogue with the surrounding existing buildings and where a refinement of volumes is achieved through detailing of the materials. There is an expressed desire to work with materials that are allowed to age and enhance experience over time, of the housing volumes and thus of the place.

Project team
Arkitekt: Petra Gipp, Jonas Hesse, Marko Koistinen, Karel Sucaet, Frida Körberg Turhagen, Emil Bäckström, Susanna Bremberg, Malin Heyman, Maria Cagnoli, Marco Nathansohn

2014 – 2017



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