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Venice, Italy
MEMBRANE – a dialogue between architecture and textile
Membrane (latin membra’na, skin, from membrum, member of the body)
A membrane is a pliable and selectively permeable layer, covering surfaces or separating connecting regions, structures, or organs of an animal or a plant.

Through the interaction and manipulation of two different materials, two different orders and two different material states, this project develops spatialities between the heavy and the light, the hard and the soft, the specific and the general, the material and the immaterial. A barrier is not absolute within the context it forms. Instead it is, in its turn, formed by that same context.

Raw wool presents considerable compressive strength and is essentially impermeable to water as well as to plaster in its liquid state. The fibers of the wool have crimp and are covered by overlapping scales. These qualities make the fiber attach to each other and form a membrane impermeable to plaster. The resilience of the crimped fiber allows for the wool to sustain its’ integrity of shape as liquid plaster is poured around it. As the plaster cures, the memory of its liquid encounter with the wool is preserved in its rigid form. The cured traces of the wool form a record of qualities otherwise imperceptible to us.

Project team
Petra Gipp, Malin Heyman, Maria Cagnoli, Marco Nathansohn
Textile artist: Akane Moriyama